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What is Premiumize?

Premiumize is a premium file hosting service that offers users unlimited access (streaming and downloading) to premium file hosts websites. This authorizes you to download and stream any content with more bandwidth, less buffer and higher possibility of HD (high definition) quality.

What do Premiumize offer?

Torrents: Torrent is the file you search for when you like to download something. It operates your torrents just for you so you do not have to do it on your connection. It basically act as middle man. When other users have finished downloading a specific torrent it is also preserved in our cache and you will be handed the files right away!

Hoster: A web hosting service that empower individuals and/or organizations to let their website within reach through the World Wide Web. Premiumize offer you premium access to a huge catalog of hosts so you do not have to enroll with them one by one. Premiumize also provides a host cache where you can the specific file or content you want even if the site is currently down or in maintenance.

Usenet: Usenet or Unix Users Network is a platform that authorize its thousands and thousands of users to save and keep files on its servers (which called news servers) for other users to download it. 

Premiumize provide a usenet downloading services and also a usenet cache too so you can keep all your favorite or preferred groups of any forms of details via our assistance.

VPN: Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a scheme that builds a safe, encrypted connection over a less secure network, like the public internet. To acquire an entrance to a confidential resource via a VPN, the user must have permission to utilize the VPN application and prepare a few more authentication details, such as a password, security voucher or biometric proof. With your Premiumize account, it provide a VPN as well as secure and logs with no data used on it

RSS automation: Really Simple Syndication or RSS is a technique to simply share a list of headlines, update notifications, and announcements or content to a very large amount of users worldwide. Premiumize offer RSS automation to obtain all your best choice of files from your different sources automatically with the help of filter if needed.

Geo Unrestrict: Geoblocking is a technology that put a limit to access an Internet content or website simply based about the users geographical location. It is a service they provide to get through the websites that are restricted in some locations or countries. In a geo unrestrict strategy, the users address is determined using geolocation method such as looking at the users IP address against a blacklist or whitelist, accounts, and calculating the beginning to end process delay of a network connection to determine the physical place or address of the user.

VoIP: Voice over Internet Protocol, known as a system used for the transportation of voice communications and multimedia assembly or conference over the Internet. In Premiumize, they offer a phone provider if you want to make any calls

Premiumize Features

Free Filehosts – Premiumize offers an access to plenty of filehoster for a single account so you do not need to have another account for a filehoster service. They offers converts file hosting links to direct download links.

Cloud Torrents – A web based cloud torrent that is trouble-free. You can simply copy and paste the torrent or Magnet link into the Premiumize web based downloader then it will be stored directly to your cloud. It is also safe and exclusive since Premiumize is using SSL encryption to prevent system to trace your activity. Therefore, you can get any files you needed without being tracked.

Collect Usenet Files – With this feature, you can obtain access to any Usenet articles regardless if the file is unreachable in their end, they will try to go and get it from two self-sufficient failovers. And also another help from their SSL connections from users privacy and to fight back from Internet service providers attacks.

Personal VPN – One of its features is VPN which you can surf safely anywhere that is relevant when you are in public networks or when you’re on a trip. It is a powerful tool to conceal users online activity and make sure that using public WiFi is safe.

Premiumize Review

From Allan S. “Simply a great service” Simply a great cloud storage service, helps you download pretty much everything, allow you to know how to get the download links. Streaming and downloads are always quick and well founded.

From Kevin G. “Everything I need rolled into one.” Everything I need rolled into one. For what I used to consume on Skype, in addition to VoIP calls, I now get a VPN, cloud storage, downloader and streaming. Reply to issues handled very fast and the Blog definitely has helped me set things up. The first link I go to when opening my browser.

From Mark S. ”Excellent service” Excellent cloud storage service. I’ve been signed up since about 6 years. I used every part of it. The voip, cloud storage, usenet etc, Everything! No other alternatives comes close to this.

From Vikramjit S. “A great customer focused cloud storage service” The best customer focused debrid service I ever had. I signed up for a year even though it was a bit pricey than the other debrid service I was using,but I liked the extra features and furthermore was not impressed with customer service of other debrid service, whose replies were ‘childish’ to be put mildly. Anyways I am based in New Zealand and upon signing up I discovered I wasn’t getting optimal speeds( being so far from the rest of the world😅). So I warily contacted premiumize customer service expecting nothing based on my experience with other debrid service. But boy I was in for a surprise. Not only premiumize customer service was friendly and professional they went out of their way to help. Within one week of me contacting them they put a server in Sydney and I am getting lightning fast transfers. Can’t praise them enough. You get what you pay for but in this case everything is worth every cent. Very impressed!

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How to use Premiumize with my browser?

You can simply install the service you would like then use them as add ons for browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera. Hence, there are operating system options you must be compatible with, these are Windows (Microsoft Windows), Ubuntu (Linux Ubuntu), macOS (Apple macOS), Android (Google Android (Smartphones/Tablets)) and iOS (Apple iOS (Smartphones/Tablets)).

How about download speeds?

In general, it usually takes only a few minutes to download files and normally rely on the specific file size and other conditions outside of the file hoster. In addition, your IP address will not be visible to the torrent or file hoster network. Premiumize allows their servers to take over so that you can have a safe and fast download.

Does Premiumize offer free trial?

Currently, they don’t. Premiumize free trial has ended because many users took advantage of it. For that reason, it is advisable to just choose a short-term of the premium version of Premiumize if you want to tryout their services.

What is Premiumize kodi and how to set it up?

On 12th day of August this year, Premiumize officially supports WebDAV. Based on that news, it means that users can now sync Premiumize cloud media together with Kodi library and stream videos in the absence of any addon.

Kodi is only compatible with Linux, macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android. Its goal is to grant users to play and watch almost all videos, music, podcasts, and other digital media files from local and network storage media and the internet.

Here’s the step by step instruction for Installing Premiumize on the Kodi Platform:

Step 1 Subscribe on Premiumize service and create an account.
Step 2 Open Kodi platform then go to “Settings” (You can find setting by clicking the gear icon).
Step 3 Look for the folder icon and click it to open the “File Manager” then a new window will come into view.
Step 4 From that new window, look for the “add source” option, click it then wait for another box to become visible.
Step 5 On the pop up box, put the URL like this “”, please confirm to not to include https part of the URL. After placing the URL, you have to come up with a new name as a source name (it can be anything you want as long as you’ll remember it)
Step 6 After that, go back to the main screen then choose “Add ons” from the menu. See the top left side of the screen and find the “Add-ons browser” symbol then click it.
Step 7 From the main section of the screen, choose “Install from zip file” then find and click the folder “Premiumize” and select  ““. Stand by for the message that signifies success of the installation process.
Step 8 Back to the main screen, select the “install from repository”
Step 9 Look for the “Premiumize” and select it. Then choose “Video add ons” and lastly,  the “Premiumize Cloud”
Step 10 Wait for the screen to open then select “Install” and stand by for the successful message to pop up.
Step 11 Choose “Premiumize Cloud” once again then click “Configure”. Then prepare to give the customer ID and Customer PIN from the step 1 above.
Step 12 On that screen, turn “ON” the “Use HTTPS” option. Not choosing to “ON”  this option will make Premiumize to not work accurately. Then select “OK”
Step 13 For the last step, on your main screen, open the “add-ons” then you can see the newly installed “Premiumize Cloud” 

There you have it! You can enjoy streaming for lots of movies with Premiumize add on.

Real Debrid vs Premiumize

Real Debrid Premiumize
Real Debrid reinforces 51 famous file host involving some of the known ones such as RapidGator, Uploaded, FileFactory, OpenLoad, and many more. Premiumize can partner up to 55 of latest file hosts and it also holds up several websites of adult videos which you can easily place the link in the address and download the file.

Fifteen days pack 3 Euro
Thirty days pack 4 Euro
Ninety days pack 9 Euro
Six months pack 16 Euro

One month package 9.99 Euro
Three months package 24.99 Euro
Twelve months package 69.99 Euro
Real Debrid Referral Program – every person that has your link then use it to sign up for a premium account will get you an extra five days premium version and fifty (50) points which they called “Fidelity points”.  Fidelity points can be trade as number of days that will add to your premium account. The more points you will get, the longer days you can have. Premiumize Referral Program – for this, you can have an additional fifteen (15) days of their premium version for each of sign up that used your referral link. Plus, your friend will also have a fifteen (15) days extra added to his / her so it is better to sign up with a referral link than none.

➤ Download up to 1Gbps

➤ Boundless traffic

➤ Safe and exclusive account

➤ Always ready and no ads

Features: (You can check further details regarding this above)

➤ Torrents

➤ Hoster

➤ Usenet

➤ RSS automation

➤ Geo Unrestrict

➤ VoIP


Premiumize might be your solution to many of your issues since it has so many features that others don’t have. But first, before you consider signing up, you must be sure of all the details that you need. We have them cover up for you after reading this. Here’s a simple guide to create a Premiumize premium account.

You can simply go to the website then sign up with your email address and verify it. Afterwards, you can have the benefits of downloading files from different file hosting servers etc. In addition, to be able to use all the features and offers, you can easily upgrade your account then be amused by lots of Premiumize features.

Choosing Premiumize will grant you a private IP address which can avert assault from cyber attackers to your computer. Also, a very fast servers therefore you can be sure that you will not have to wait for your files to download.

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